Nurturing body, mind and soul- Breathwork to move from pain to power

18 Jun 2011 - 18:15

San Francisco, CA

Nurturing body, mind and soul-with the breath

correcting and improving your breathing to create more Energy, Peace and Awareness in your life!


Yoga Society Of San Francisco

2872 Folsom Street San Francisco, CA

on Jun Saturday 11th, 18th and 25th, 6.15pm-8.45pm

c ost: $23.(few partial scholarship are available)


in this workshop

you will learn and practice

~ how to correct poor breathing and deepen breath awareness

~Open you body and space inside for easy, natural breath

~ release  blockages, traumas and purifying your system by oxygenate your body and detoxifying efficiently

~Cultivate more presence, peace and joy

~explore your spiritual potential and evolutionary journey.

Along with breath opening tips and inquiries, every week we will practice full session of Rebirthing breathwork (conscious connected circular energy breathing technique)

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