Conscious Eating / Integral Eating

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Eating that brings health in body, mind, heart and spirit

  • Are you looking to make some change in your life in the field of eating that brings more health, peace and goodness?
  • Do you want to learn or how to make healthy food that tastes good?
  • Do you want to be served by healthy food that tastes good?
  • Do you want to integrate eating habits with awareness of the bigger picture, practices and philosophy?
  • Do you believe that eating Healthy vegan/vegetarian and mostly raw is better for body-mind, family, friends and society and planet?

If you answer yes to at least one of the above questions, then please ask me to serve you.

My Mission is to provide you with as much support as possible in eating consciously and wisely, enhancing your wellness and awakening.

Goals to:

  1. Provide education through workshops/trainings and private consultations for wellness and health
  2. Teach to prepare and eat real food
  3. Educate you to nurture yourself eating mindfully
  4. Cater healthy food or make food for you as personal chef
  5. Help to design your kitchen

What is Conscious Eating?

Conscious eating is:

  • Eating real food
  • Eating peacefully and with presence
  • Eating with love and with less harming (ahimsha)
  • Eating with gratitude and contentment (santhosh)
  • Eating to nurture whole being-body, mind and heart
  • Eating as a worship and sacred act
  • Eating to heal wound of separation and feel connection with big picture

What is Wellness Cuisine?

Wellness cuisine is real food that has high amount of life force. It is the food which comes directly from nature, whole, fresh, original. It means not heavily processed, not genetically modified, not altered by any chemical or artificial way, mostly raw and vegan and primarily cooked by the sun rays.
It is:

  • Whole
  • Fresh
  • Plant based
  • Mostly raw and vegan
  • Primarily cooked by sun-rays
  • Unprocessed, non-altered and still in its original form
  • Prepared with love and care
  • Mostly organic and locally grown

Workshop Menu

1. “Eating the Yogic Way”

  • The meaning of eating.
  • The six phases of conscious eating
  • what to eat and what not to eat
  • Eating meditation

2. “Eat to Awaken”

  • Practicing non-violence around the sacred act of eating
  • Fasting and detoxification
  • Eating greens
  • Food combining basics
  • What about dairy and gluten?
  • Soaking and sprouting- why and how?
  • Eating meditation

3. “Wellness Cuisine (Raw Vegan Food) 101”

  • Soaking and sprouting- why and how?
  • Dairy free milk and cheese
  • Dressings and sauces
  • Simple soup and salad
  • Desert

4. “Wellness Cuisine (Raw Vegan Food) – Beyond the Basics”

  • Curry dressing
  • varieties of Chutney
  • Raw-vegan bread and Burger
  • Briksha`s Ice cream or Chocolate chai

5. Integral Yogi Chef Teacher training

Level 1 for Self Experience and knowledge

Two weekends – 16 hours
You will learn basic art of food preparation (with 30 recipes and teachings on health and wellness); Meaning of eating, 6 phases of eating, soaking sprouting, Learning about food: local as well as global. More greens: wild food v. domestic and why organic is preferable, Raw, vegan, vegetarian, non-vegetarian way of eating-what is for you? Buying from stores v. farmer’s market, menu planning for you and family.

Level 1 and Level 2 – Becoming a Yogi Chef

30 hours
You will learn the art of food preparation, basic and beyond (50-recipe manual and exploring the deeper meaning of being a chef)

  • How to work as a chef
  • Classroom practice and food demo
  • How to create something from scratch
  • Deepening knowledge of health and wellness

Learning the tastes of others, paying attention to what people like, how to make food tasty and keep its integrity,Menu planning for others, How to keep your heart open and energy flowing in food prep work and handle any stress that may arise.

Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 – Yogi Chef Instructor

50 hours
Learn how to teach others (108-recipe manual with art of teaching manual)
How to teach others healthy lifestyle, art of food demo
Teaching is learning: how to teach a food demo class
Business building and more!

What is Integral yogic way of eating?

“Integral Yogic way of Eating” is an invitation to consider ‘Eating matters’; therefore it is sacred act like anything else in life. Eating is integral part of life. It uses eating not only an act of body and hence it is mundane, and it does not matter, but of whole being and therefore it matters not only for Individual but also for society and planet and for spiritual life. From the view of integral yoga eating is function of body (I quadrant), and also a function of mind-heart and spirit (II quadrant) and also of culture, society and community (III quadrant) and finally it is the function of environments and the planet (IV quadrant) Therefore integral Yogi, ask question, before s/he eats-is this act of eating good for self, other and the planet? If answer come no, that act of eating is not integral yogic eating. This way of eating is one of the powerful practices to do less harming (ahimsa) and develop reverence for life.

What we eat and how we eat has tremendous impact on our state of health and happiness. We provide the education on how to practice sacred eating which not only nurtures our body, but also our heart, mind, spirit, society, and globe as a whole. Using the age-old wisdom of yoga and Integral vision as developed by Sri Aurovindo and Ken willbur with modern new paradigm of nutrition, (as brought by some pioneers like Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Dr David Jubb, Joel Fuhrman, and Michal Pollan Dr. T., etc.) integral way of eating in an attempt to provide a guideline to use eating that enhances our healing and unifying process.