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Briksha’s clients and co-workers have agreed to provide their opinions to give you a greater understanding of the impact he has had in their lives.

Merav, Office Manager at Fresh Environment:

I know Briksha for over 3 years since I moved to the Bay area. I got the privilege to experience his talents in many areas of his work: Yoga, Breathwork, Coaching and raw foods, We also shared meditation time together. In every event I join, I always learn new things about the world and about myself through the work he offers. With knowledge based on years of experience, Briksha brings an authentic, awakened and grounding approach to life and it’s manifested into his classes/workshops/ private sessions. His creativity is expressed in the delicious and unique recipes for raw food dishes, and creative solutions/ resolutions in his coaching. I am very blessed to know Briksha and to take part of all the gifts he is offering for personal growth and community building.

Andrea, Coach for Full Spectrum Transformational Healing:

Briksha is a beautiful embodiment of love. His breathing classes help me to ground and deepen my practice and rejuvenate my body on a deep cellular level.

I also enjoy his incredibly yummy living food creations.

His presence and wisdom nourish on so many levels- I simply regard him and his work as a blessing in my life.


Cynthia Wooten, Child Welfare Adoptions Specialist:

I had the good fortune to experience working with Briksha as my breath coach a little over a year ago.  I was not new to breath as a healing modality when I came to Briksha.  On the contrary, I have had a great deal of experience with various kinds of breath work, including completing an internship to facilitate groups, and leading groups myself.  When I committed to a number of sessions with Briksha, I was happy to revisit this healing practice because I knew he would bring his unique presence to the work. I was not disappointed.  He radiates devotion and care and provides a space that is so loving and safe that I was able to surrender to the process and let my breath do its alchemy with my body, mind, and spirit.  During the sessions, I had many profound and lasting insights.  My creativity became inspired – indeed “inspire” means to breathe.  Briksha’s passion for this work is inspiring, as he lives what he teaches; he is the real deal!  I would highly recommend him for anyone interested in experiencing greater mental, physical, and spiritual health through guided breath.  He will take you on a journey that you will not forget, and then teach you how to access the peace, pleasure & vitality of that journey into your daily life.

This practice is particularly beneficial for healing & preventing burnout for health care providers, social workers & others working in direct service professions.