Tulsi-Mother Nature’s one of the best gifts

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For me, Tulsi is associated with the Nurturing Energy of my mother and grandmother; Tulsi and nourishing feminine energy merged into one.  It starts with a memory of my grandmother.  As children she would give my siblings and I some leaves of Tulsi to chew for protection from bad spirits before we left the house.  To encourage us to drink milk, she would say ‘when you drink a few leaves of Tulsi with milk you will be more happy and strong and your memory will be strong.’  We always had a few Tulsi plants growing in pots both indoors and outdoors. Every typical Hindu family house has at least one Tulsi plant growing this way, especially in front of their door.  It has special religious meaning for Hindus. The name Tulsi means ‘incomparable one,’ and Hindus morning and evening as a symbol of worship it. They use Tulsi leaves for tea and also they give to dying person to chew and somebody got food poison, fever etc. they believe God Vishnu (of course sustain, nurturer of the World) resides in Tulsi plant.
Few weeks ago i went to see Amma , i got a book title “Tulsi“-The Mother Medicine of Nature. This book totally reminds me my grandmother.  i bought it and started to read. Knowing. so much modern research in East as well as West, i felt i awake in presence of nourishment of mother. One again Tulsi and Amma became source of nourishment.
In brief the new research in Tulsi according to this book is that Tulsi act is very effectively as anti stress/adaptogen
Tulsi is powerful and most effective adaptogen-an agent that increases the body’s ability to adapt to environment and internal stress by strengthening the immune, nervous and glandular system. It enhances an organism’s resistance to stress, diseases and environment, as well as normalizes metabolic functions and increase metabolic efficiency. Dr. Narendra Singh, Dr, Yamuna Hoette`s research show that Tulsi`s adaptogen action is more potent then even ginseng and it is non-toxic. Tulsi has wide ranges of medicinal properties that come because of it being powerful adaptogen. In summary the research shows major benefit of Tulsi are:

Tulsi is effective to heal common cold, fever, sore throat, cough, and respiratory disorder. Research shows that Tulsi or Indian Basil heals the swine flue. Tulsi calm the mind, it is free radical scavenger. It reduces fatigue, improves heart rate, useful in mouth and teeth disorder, it protects against radiation, free radical damage. pollution, and bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Tulsi is antipollutant. so it increases our survival in low oxygen environment. It is wise to grow Tulsi plant indoor for this reason too. It improves oxygen utilization. Tulsi also offers general health improving nutritional qualities. It has vitamin c. vitamin A, calcium, selenium, many trace minerals. It also improves digestion and assimilation of other food.

Dr. Narendra Singh and Dr. Yamuna Hoettte in their book recommends

For general health promotion and prevention of diseases 1 capsule (300mg) of dried Tulsi leaves twice daily for at least 6 months and for treatment of specific health problem 2-6 capsule (600-1800mg) for a period of 2 months to one year.

These benefits can be obtained by drinking of   Tulsi tea (1-5 cups per day)- taken separately or in combination with capsules.

Tulsi is no doubt Mother Nature’s one of the best gifts to human kind.

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